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For many, the festive season is a time of joy - for the team here at RSPCA it’s heartbreaking.

Christmas is a critical time of need. We will once again be inundated with a deluge of abandoned and dumped holiday orphans, each one needing shelter and care.

We expect to protect over 2,200 unwanted kittens and 850 unwanted puppies this summer – all the victims of a relentless breeding season. We’ll also be called upon to shelter abandoned and neglected animals, including over 1,750 cats and 3,550 dogs. Every summer thousands of animals turn to us for help.

It’s overwhelming, heartbreaking and costly.

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Chaise, a twelve-week-old Golden Retriever cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier, pictured above, was a Christmas puppy last year. Within a few months she was so neglected she was close to death.

We received a 1300Animal Emergency hotline call in relation to a puppy in Maryborough, who’d been chained under a house for at least two months.

RSPCA Inspector Penny Flaherty attended the address and recalls the moment she first saw Chaise:

“Chaise was located on a chain attached to a runner at the front of the house. She had obvious redness to large areas of her skin and was sitting, lethargic, and non-responsive. Her rib bones and backbone were clearly visible and she had crusted scabs over her entire face.

She was just sitting there quite motionless. You could see she was suffering badly from a skin condition; she didn’t have much hair left at all. She was quite badly afflicted.

I knew this puppy’s life was in jeopardy. There and then, on the spot I knew, I wasn’t leaving without her.”

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Please help us provide care, shelter and safety for animals in need? When you make a gift before 25 December, you’ll be a special Guardian Angel for animals needing our care and protection. Your much-needed donation today will help fund urgent rescues of neglected pets like Chaise throughout the summer months ahead.

The sheer number of medical issues facing poor little Chaise was astounding. The suffering this poor little pup must have endured in her first few months of life is heartbreaking. Chaise’s diagnosis list is long, including: tapeworm infestation; demodectic mange; secondary infections throughout her body; bilateral conjunctivitis; abscess to the face; malnourishment; ulceration of skin; and skin abrasion from a wrongly fitted collar.

Penny to this day, still tears up when we discussed Chaise’s case, and she admitted:

“Every vet nurse, vet, staff member, and volunteer that cared for her in those first two weeks, ended up in tears each time they saw her. I know I did – because she was in so much pain and so sick – it was horrible.”

It’s impossible to believe her owners didn’t notice her poor condition. As Penny said:

“Chase was in a horrific condition. Her suffering was extreme. It was incomprehensible that someone could allow her to get into such a state. And the pain she was in was obvious to anyone. It’s unbelievable that anyone could be so cruel.”

Chaise was unable to walk without assistance for the first 10 days she was in care. She had to be carried out to go to the toilet and would then collapse afterwards. She was unable to sit normally due to pain so sat on the back corners of her rump. This poor little puppy had suffered so greatly, in such a short lifetime.

But she was a fighter! The vet said her heart and lung vitals were good. She miraculously pulled through.

When you make a donation today you’ll be a part of a compassionate and caring group of people - providing care, comfort and a second chance for all the precious little animals this Christmas.

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Our nine animal shelters across Queensland, over the summer, will house and protect more than 8,250 abandoned, neglected and ‘unwanted’ animals. To give these innocent animals the second chance they deserve, we need to raise $1.5 million to fund our essential services this summer!

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When you become an RSPCA Guardian Angel with your donation before 25 December, you’ll be keeping watch over innocent animals like Chaise, who’ll be spending their Christmas in an animal shelter.

Chaise has now made a full recovery after over 3 months of care and treatment. She still has scars from severe infection and ulceration in some areas of her skin. However, she is happy, active, has gained weight and her skin is healing well. After almost losing her life, she has started a new chapter with a loving new adopted family. With thanks to your support, Chaise has a second chance at a bright future. She’s now living the life she deserves.

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