• Life after a pet shop raid has been good to this princess parrot!

  • Princess parrot Coco loves 'holding court' at Maria's house!

  • The conditions Coco was found in were appalling. Here, RSPCA staff are catching birds so vets can check them.

Coco: treated royally at last

Coco the princess parrot was not such a pretty birdy when he was rescued by RSPCA from cruel neglect at a pet shop. 

Our inspectors responded to a number of complaints about The Bird Shed at Morayfield. What they found was appalling: overcrowded, filthy cages full of malnourished, sick and injured birds who had no pain relief and who didn't appear to have seen a vet. It was a tragedy.

Coco was one of the fortunate ones. Although he was thin, dehydrated and had respiratory difficulty, he was uninjured and disease-free. After some time in our care, handsome prince Coco was ready for his next adventure. 

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