Hi, I’m Bilberry

Did you know that mice make great, interactive pets? Like any animal, the more positive human interaction they experience, the more comfortable they will be around us. Although mice don't need long walks like dogs, or giant scratching towers around the house like cats, they still require physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy, just on a smaller scale. You can get creative with your toilet paper rolls, tissue and cereal boxes to make fun new hidey holes and tunnels for your mice to explore. Twigs and branches also make great enrichment toys. Mice require a constant supply of high quality rodent mix as well as fresh fruit and veggies.

RSPCA currently have a large number of mice of varying colours, age and breed (some with tails some without) looking for homes.. Please note that the exact mouse in the picture may no longer be available, so in your online adoption application, please note any aesthetic preferences you may have.

Our mice are generally adopted in pairs, as they do enjoy the company of their own species. Adoption applications must have a photo of the enclosure attached, which needs to be large enough to allow the mice to get away from each other for 'alone' time if they choose.

Adoption price $10 a pair

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