Hi, I’m Alby

Hello there I'm a sweet. happy and content little guinea pig looking for love.
I will need to be adopted with a company guinea pig(same sex) or one of my own family (same sex, no little surprises needed).
I will need an inside and outside cage, please send the staff a picture attached to my application for adoption.
And we would love for you to do some research as guinea pigs are not little pets that can just be left to their own lives .... we need you to do everything for us.
They are very messy and need their cage cleaned every day or at least room service.
They love soft and cuddly beds and hiding boxes and little guinea pig houses.
They must be fed a mix of grains, hay and good quality fresh veg and fruits to keep them healthy. They are not cheap pets to keep!
They also love to have time spent with them, yes they love love...
They are not little children's pets unless being assisted by an adult, sorry.
So if you don't want to do all the work and be an adult with a pet guinea maybe they are not the pet for YOU...
But if they are the pet for you well done and come on in ... Super cute
Adoption cost is $40

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