Sasha's Happy Tail

Dogs Happy Story Posted Nov 10, 2020
It was love at first sight for Sasha. One year later, we see what she has been up to at her forever home.

In late 2018, Heather adopted Sasha from the RSPCA Wacol Animal Care Campus. Sasha was timid, and not suited to life in a shelter. She was uncomfortable with the hustle and bustle, and was too nervous to have handlers touch her paws or trim her nails.

Her new ‘mum,’ Heather, was instantly drawn to Sasha.

“When I first saw her posted on RSPCA’s Facebook newsfeed, my eyes lit up. I saw her photo at work and came in to see her that afternoon. I went to the glass door of where she was being kept, put my hand on the glass and she started licking it straight away. I instantly fell in love with her.”

When Heather brought Sasha home, she was still a little unsure of her new family.

“Sasha was hesitant to go near my parents German Shepherd Major,” says Heather.

Overnight, however, Sasha had completely changed!

“I woke up to the sounds of high pitch barks,” Heather said. “She was playing with Major!”

Within a week of having her at home, Heather was able to hold Sasha’s paws and trim her nails. They were going on walks together, and Sasha was getting along well with other dogs.

“We decided to take her to the beach,” Heather said. “After 10 minutes she was swimming in the ocean, playing with other dogs and loving all of the pats from other humans.”

A year later, and Sasha is now well and truly part of the family.

“Everyone in the neighbourhood calls her ‘Wolfie’ because of her beautiful coat,” Heather says. “She has zoomies on a daily basis and is perfectly behaved and trained.”

“It goes to show what love and a good home can do,” says Heather. “Rescue dogs understand it’s a second chance at life! I’ll always choose rescues over store bought pets any day. Give them a chance and they will give you the love back.”

If you’d like to offer a pet in need a loving home, why not adopt a pet from the RSPCA or consider becoming a foster parent to an animal in need?

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