Meet Kitty, our Noosa life changer

Animals Posted Aug 11, 2022
Kitty O’Brien has made an incredible contribution to all creatures great and small in the Noosa region.

For the past 23 years, Kitty has helped over 2,000 animals in need. Starting as a volunteer at the Noosa RSPCA, Kitty has always adored animals. From becoming an Animal Attendant, Kitty is now second in charge at the Noosa RSPCA Animal Care Centre.

Kitty says, “I have done so many different things over the years, from cleaning, gardening, adoption events, training, taking behaviour enquiries, and trying to help people and their animals. I love the diversity. I have also fostered pups, dogs and kittens.”

Kitty has noticed just how great the Noosa community has been in supporting the RSPCA over the years with those who have adopted pets from the shelter, frequently updating the team on their new family members and dropping in.

“We are always touched by their memories and sharing animal stories with us, some even bring their animals back to see us, which is very special.”

Kitty has also adopted two beautiful dogs, Misty and Molly, from the Noosa shelter. Rescuing animals has had a special place in her heart over the years. She says, “They are 11 and 14 years old. Molly now has bone cancer sadly, but her quality of life is great for now.”  

Like every animal shelter, there are highs and lows. Kitty says, “All the animals leave an impression on me, especially the more difficult, troubled ones as they are often with us longer and we spend more time with them.”

“This is what it is all about, caring for our beautiful animals for the time they are in our care and sharing in their new owner’s joy at adoption time. This all makes what we do so important.”

Kitty believes that without staff and volunteers, the work they put in would not be as impactful as it is. “I feel having our amazing long-term staff and vollies have contributed to us building a wonderful connection with our adopters in the community.”

According to Kitty, every shelter has its own struggles and educating the public about animal needs is a big must. As people find no other option due to financial or health reasons this sometimes leads to many people or families giving up pets.”

Thanks to Kitty and her dedication, animals in our community will always have someone loving to turn to.

Sophie Oxford
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