RSPCA Queensland Collaboration Grows

Posted Jul 6, 2023
A collaboration between RSPCA Queensland and family business Indara has led to the opening of a studio showcasing the restoration of donated furniture.

A desire to help animals in need and a passion for the sustainability of pre-loved furniture has resulted in a collaboration between RSPCA Queensland and Brisbane-based business Indara.

Indara was formed in 2022 after a chance meeting between two Brisbane mums, Yvette and Kate, led to the discovery that Australian charities were rejecting furniture donations due to the inability to effectively store and upcycle furniture.

Yvette and Kate are passionate about sustainability so decided to do something about it to avoid furniture going straight to landfill.

A collaboration between Indara and RSPCA Queensland ensued, titled 3Lives, with the business moving into a Rocklea studio in November where it began to receive furniture donations via RSPCA Queensland.

Kate explained the inspiration behind the initiative''s name, which had humble beginnings in the form of candle, diffuser, incense, and room spray creation.

"We aim to give donated furniture a new 2nd life whilst raising funds for animal welfare which is the 3rd life. Hence 3Lives initiative."

Last month the studio was officially opened, which grants the public an opportunity to visit and view the unique pieces of restored furniture, with an additional fragrance collection also on display.

Indara's small team upcycles the furniture which ranges from tables to bedside cabinets, including a cleaning and modernisation process, before a portion of the amount received for the item is donated back to the RSPCA.

Members of the RSPCA Queensland team attended the opening of Indara's Rocklea Studio.

Lauren said the experienced Indara team was made up of qualified professional tradespeople that make their furniture quality excellent.

"If you purchase one of our bespoke pieces of furniture, you know you are getting a quality piece of furniture which has been skillfully upcycled."

"Furthermore, you will have saved this piece of furniture from going to landfill!"

Find out more about the 3Lives Initiative or donate to your nearest RSPCA Op Shop.

Jacobbe McBride
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