Holidays and Pet Care Tips

Animal Welfare Pet Care Pets Pet Health Posted Apr 3, 2023
What you should know: travelling with your pet, planning a pet sitter, lost pets and more…
Tips to prepare pets for holidays

If you're planning on taking a holiday and leaving your pet behind, it's important to plan in advance and ensure you've lined up a reputable pet sitter to either care for your pet at your own home, or theirs. To find a reputable pet sitter in your area, talk to PetCloud.

For added peace of mind when you go on holiday and someone else is minding your pet, take advantage of our Home Alone service - it's free! Simply register your pet's details, pet minder and your details and we'll know who to contact if your pet goes missing or if our Inspectorate receives a report of abandonment - it happens every holidays!

Make sure your pet is microchipped and the details on their microchip is up to date. That way, if your pet accidentally goes missing while you are away, vets, councils and shelters can all scan your pet for a microchip and get in touch with you

For more on what to do if you lose or find a pet, read here

Travelling with Pets & the Law

Did you know that the law in Queensland has changed as of December 2022, requiring all dogs transported on the back of a utility or in a trailer to be secured appropriately to prevent them from falling from the vehicle. *This requirement does not apply to working dogs involved in moving livestock.

The legislation also states that dogs cannot have more than their head protruding from vehicle windows when driving.

It's always best to secure your pet when travelling, either inside or on your vehicle.

How to keep your pet safe when travelling

1. Keep your dog secure when inside your vehicle
There are seatbelt clips that attach to your pet's collar or harness to keep them secure when inside your vehicle. Check them out at RSPCA World for Pets.

2. Keep your dog in an enclosed dog crate on the back of your ute

The dog crate should provide adequate space and be protected from the sun, wind and rain. The great thing about these enclosures on the back of a ute is that you can also provide water and soft bedding for your dog while you travel.

3. If you can’t use a secure dog crate, tether your dog safely to the back of the ute using a properly fitted harness.
It is really important to ensure the tether is not long enough for the dog to reach the side of the ute and potentially fall out of the vehicle. Don’t use choker chains - if you need to break suddenly your dog could be strangled. Make sure the tether is the right length so it enables your dog the ability to comfortably sit down and move freely. 

4. Be aware of the conditions.
Queensland weather can be dangerously hot. Dogs are susceptible to heat stress and need to be protected from the elements. Ensure any metal floors are covered so that your dog has a safe place to stand. Paws can easily get burnt and dogs can suffer from painful heat blisters on their sensitive pads. Provide water when taking long journeys to help your dog stay hydrated and cool down when it’s hot. Extra shelter is required when travelling in dusty conditions as dust particles can harm dogs’ eyes, ears, nose and lungs. Don’t let your dog bark at or harass pedestrians or other animals from the tray. Not only is this bad manners, it can also cause your dog to become highly distressed and anxious.

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