Will you be my Guardian Angel?

Posted Apr 13, 2023
Your generosity this Christmas will save animals like Wags from a life of agony and give them back a heart full of love and a happy tail!

Little Wags is unrecognisable now from the poor unbearably itchy, sore all over puppy that first came into our care.

Someone like you cared enough to change her life!

You can scoop up animals like Wags this Christmas by being their Guardian Angel. Your thoughtfulness and kindness during this busy time of year will help another animal just like Wags who is currently homeless and in need of a cuddle.

When Wags was brought into RSPCA care she was covered from head to toe in mange. She was miserable, lethargic, hurting and itchy.

Left to suffer unnecessarily, her owners failed to seek treatment for poor Wags, so her mange had spread to every part of her little body and had progressed to infection, causing her unbelievable pain and discomfort every day.

But this Christmas, you can be the Guardian Angel these animals desperately need.

Within only two weeks of veterinary treatment and tender care, Wags was a new dog! She was unrecognisable as the once itchy, sore and hairless dog.

Thanks to loving people like you, our vet team had everything that they needed to help Wags heal.

Our wonderful caring head veterinarian Dr Anne, took little Wags home with her so she could administer the treatment that she needed to recover. Dr Anne was able to treat Wags and within six weeks she was unrecognisable from the sad and broken puppy that was brought into RSPCA - she actually had fur again.

Dr Anne says, “She pulled on our heartstrings as she was so brave and clever.”

If you care passionately, like I do, please donate to help us continue to provide medical treatment, food, comfy bedding and cuddles, toys and treats to animals like Wags. You can have this incredible impact…

It brings a smile to our faces at the RSPCA knowing that thanks to wonderful people like you, animals like Wags can receive life-changing care and have a brighter future this Christmas.

Wags is a sweet, friendly girl who is now nearing her first Birthday. It’s hard to believe her transformation! When it came time for Wags to be adopted, Dr Anne knew she was already right at home with them. Now Wags lives a life of joy at Dr Anne’s farm.

Our shelters in Queensland are already under immense pressure and it takes a team of hardworking animal lovers like yourself to care for over 2,100 animals. And as the weather warms up, more animals turn to us for specialist care and treatment, just like Wags.

Your care and compassion and the difference you make today will transform another pet’s sadness into joy, please consider becoming a Guardian Angel this Christmas.

Emma Lagoon
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