Yoga for Humans by Felines

Cats Posted Apr 13, 2023
Feeling cooped up? Wishing you could stretch out like a cat? Have no fear! It is my honour to become your very own stretch instructor (with a trade of treats, of course)

Meow! Oh sorry, I mean hello!

I have a question for you human… are you working from home too? My humans are always home. What’s a cat got to do to get some space around here?

Since they are spending all their time in my house, I thought I’d take a meow-ment to share some stretching tips, from my cat-cow yoga poses, or downward facing dog on a chair.... It is important to give your body a good stretch, even if you aren’t as flexible as I am.

Here are my working from home stretching tips - guaranteed to make sure you are feline fine throughout the day. No more purr-suasion needed.

Illustrations by Oliver Zhang.

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Jemima Moore
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