Born without love, used for profit…

Gracie was just one of the 74 dogs seized from this puppy farm. The dogs on this puppy farm were treated like money making machines and the bare minimum was done to make their lives better. They were kept alive, only so they could make a profit for their owners. You can help save dogs from this life of misery. 

Your gift today will allow our Inspectors to rescue animals like Gracie from puppy farms.

Your donation will help in 3 critical ways:

  1. Rescue - you will help us find these hidden puppy farms
  2. Prosecute - RSPCA Queensland prosecutes more animal cruelty cases than all the other RSPCA States combined! Your gift helps us bring more offenders to justice.
  3. Care - each animal rescued requires assessment, rehabilitation, treatment care and support. Today you can help an animal in need.

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If you would like to make a donation via direct deposit please use your surname as a reference and once deposited send us an email at RSPCA Qld, BSB 034-033, ACC 169350. 

To contact us regarding your donation or for assistance please call 1300 777 221.

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