RSPCA Queensland is excited to announce Brisbane Roar defender Holly McQueen as an RSPCA Ambassador. The young gun said she cannot wait to jump onboard and support our cause.

“Growing up we always had animals in the house and all our cats were from RSPCA, so I was introduced to the charity at a young age. After visiting recently and being shown not only the animals up for but all the behind the scenes in the hospitals, it was a very eye-opening experience to see just how much love and devotion is put into every animal that comes through the doors.”

“My love for animal started from a young age, I have two older siblings and while they were watching TV inside, I was always outside finding animals and hanging out in nature.”

“No animal should ever feel unwanted or unloved and I would love to spread awareness to others and make a difference in as many animals lives as I can.”

Holly has two black and white staffies named Peaches and Johnny. She said they were always following her around as they love tight cuddles and a fast pace walk, they also never let Holly forget that they are hungry. She also has 2 tabby cats from RSPCA Queensland who like to find a sunny spot to lay in and give head nudges when an hour-long patting session is required.

Holly said she wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals as an RSPCA Queensland Ambassador by spreading awareness to as many people as she can, she is hoping more animals find their forever homes and the love they so richly deserve.

“I am passionate about adoption, and honestly believe that every animal belongs in a forever home. Additionally, ending puppy farms is something I really care about. No animal show be shown that kind of treatment ever in their lives and this needs to stop.” 

“If there is one message that I would give to others wanting to support animals or the RSPCA it would be do it. No matter how big or small, every bit of support helps.”

Holly said she starts her season with the Brisbane Roar in October and winning the A-league premiership was a big goal in her career. Go well, Holly!