Harriet is one special lady who was recently in our care. Can you believe she is 16 years old? Although she no longer feels that chasing toy mice is a good use of her time, she can still keep you on your toes! Despite being almost blind, this lovely lady recently found a new home with Jill and her husband, and is living out her years in contentment and relaxation.

Harriet’s owner Brian enrolled her in RSPCA Qld’s Pet Legacy Program in 2010, to ensure she would be looked after should something ever happen to him.

When Brian needed to go into hospital earlier this year, Harriet was brought in to care at RSPCA Qld’s Brisbane Animal Care Campus. She was placed in a lovely foster home, to ensure she was happy and comfortable.

Unfortunately, Harriet’s owner Brian sadly passed away in August, and Harriet needed to find a new loving home that would give her the type of care that Brian would have wanted. After only a few weeks, Jill found Harriet – and they are a perfect match. Jill and her husband wanted to give Harriet a safe and loving home in her twilight years, and Harriet couldn’t be happier. She spent her first night curled up in bed in the crook of Jill’s arm! Harriet now spends her long leisurely days curled up in warm patches of sunshine.

If you are considering including RSPCA in your Will, you can find out more here or visit our Pet Legacy Program page to ensure your furry friends are cared for should you no longer be able to look after them.