• 37 animals came into RSPCA care from the seizure

  • You can read more about Barry the Dalmatian in our blog link below

RSPCA Queensland are seeking information from members of the public who may have surrendered their animals to Storybook Farm or recognise any of the animals seized.

Dozens of animals are currently being cared for by RSPCA Qld after being rescued from unimaginable horror at Storybook Farm’s so-called ‘sacred animal garden rescue’ in North Brisbane yesterday.

The raid left experienced staff horrified, as they dealt with the discovery of almost 40 animals, the majority disabled, some with exposed wounds, urine scalding, raw ulcerated flesh and all reeking from the stench of stale faeces and urine.

It’s believed that many of the animals were sent there by owners who were led to believe that this horror show was a ‘haven’ for pets living with disabilities. 

One of the ‘poster pets’ for the centre, a Dalmatian called Barry, who appeared on social media looking cute and happy the day before the seizure, had to be euthanased due to the severity of his injuries.

RSPCA Qld Chief Inspector Daniel Young says the entire organisation has been left in shock.

“We have all been left reeling from this case, and our Inspectors will follow through and finalise the investigation so that prosecution proceedings can commence.  

“It is unbelievable that anyone could maintain a facade of ‘caring’ for animals, asking for donations and reassuring pet owners and the general public that they are providing the best of care to animals, whilst leaving them to suffer right under their own noses,” he said.


RSPCA has been inundated with complaints from people who donated to Storybook and want to know where their money has gone. 

RSPCA Queensland CFO Nick Crethar urged the public to contact Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) or police with any concerns about the business operations or finances of Storybook Farm.

“RSPCA do not have powers to investigate these kinds of issues,” he said, “They need to be referred to police or the appropriate government department.”

RSPCA Spokesperson Alex Hyndman Hill added, “Like with anything on Facebook or Instagram, all is not necessarily as it seems.”

“Please do your due diligence and check what your donations are being used for, where you choose to get a rescue animal from, and where you decide to surrender a pet. 

“Animals deserve your time, care and attention, and most of all they rely on you to ensure they do not end up at places like this” she said.

If you have any information about animals surrendered to Storybook, or recognise any of the animals seized please contact RSPCA Queensland by email on [email protected] or by phone on (07) 3426 9999.