RSPCA Queensland is tackling the state’s massive pet overpopulation with a campaign aimed at getting 20,000 animals desexed in the next three months.

Vets who’ve signed up to Operation Wanted are reducing their fees by 20% in a bid to stop backyard breeding and accidental litters. 

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Alex Hyndman Hill says the message is simple, get your pets desexed.

“It prevents your dog or cat adding to the already huge number of unwanted kittens and puppies that end up at RSPCA shelters and then struggle to find a forever home.

“It’s a shocking image but a cat from just 4 months old can have up to three litters per year, resulting in thousands and thousands of unwanted kittens.

“By having your pet desexed, you’ll also save money on your council registration fee, so it’s a win win,” she said.

RSPCA Queensland Ambassador Shayna Jack got her family pup desexed during the campaign last year and says it gives them the freedom to take him to their favourite places.

“Getting my family dog Snoopy snipped was the best decision for my family. Firstly it prevents any unwanted male dog behaviours and secondly it avoids any unplanned pregnancies happening when he mixes with many dogs at the beach!” she said.

Desexed animals generally live a longer, happier life. They’re also less likely to get a whole host of diseases and are less susceptible to behavioural problems.

There are around 200 vet practices taking part in Operation Wanted which is supported by 26 of our state’s local councils.

To register for your 20% discount and find your nearest participating vet, visit and book your pet in before August 31, 2019.