The RSPCA is investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two bulls at a rodeo in Eaton’s Hill on the weekend. 

It’s believed the bulls were euthanased due to injuries sustained in the ring however, regardless of the investigation outcome, RSPCA Qld CEO, Mark Townend has called for the sport to be banned.

Mr Townend explains “I believe we are breeding a bogan Society, with people getting thrills out of seeing animals killed, maimed or injured all under the banner of entertainment or sport.  Don’t believe the contrived lines these organisers put out that they love their animals - it’s ridiculous that in 2018 our population needs cruel sports to entertain themselves."

"If they want to see people knocked out and brain damaged in a boxing ring for big dollars well, let them go if they are that silly. At least humans can say no. In rodeos and the like the animals don’t get a chance to say no. It’s left to decent human beings to stand up for them. We need all the decent people to help us end this cruelty!” Says Townend

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