RSPCA Queensland is investigating the source of suspected dog poisoning in the Buddina area which has seen five dogs pass away this month.

The focus of investigation is to attempt to locate the cause, and determine if the origin was intentional, accidental or environmental.

Investigations have narrowed down the location to Beach Access Gate 210 on Pacific Blvd, Buddina. This is a location that all five dogs did attend at some time between the 2nd and 7th of August. Beach Access 210 is approximately 1km south of the Point Cartwright Reserve and the La Balsa Park area.

It may be likely that the toxin is in fact anywhere along the dog off lead beach area in Buddina, as four of the dogs did walk along that beach area. One of the dogs only played on the beach at the Beach Access 210 and did not walk along the beach. All other dogs walked through Beach Access 210.

Until the toxin is identified and confirmed, there is no way to determine its spread.

Our Sunshine Coast RSPCA Inspector has interviewed numerous members in the community and vet clinics in the area but the source of the poison still remains unknown.

No additional incidents have been reported this week.

Inspector Julia says, “It is likely that we will never be able to definitively identify the source, however RSPCA are exhausting all potential leads.”

Investigations are ongoing.

Sunshine Coast Regional Council cleaned all dog water bowls in the area and investigated environmental factors in the local area, however to date have not reported any findings that they can contribute to this poisoning to the dogs.

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Emma Lagoon says, “We understand this is a difficult time for the families that have lost their companions and give our sincere condolences.

“We also want to ensure concerned community members can feel safe walking their dogs in the area, but while investigations haven’t found a conclusive link to the suspected poisonings, please remain vigilant and keep an eye on your pet that they don't drink or eat anything of which the origins are unknown.”

Anyone who suspects their dog may have ingested something toxic are encouraged to seek immediate veterinary treatment.  

Relating to this case, if you believe your dog may have ingested something toxic please report it to the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL or QPS.