RSPCA QLD believes people and pets are better together, it is our goal to support pet owners, property managers and agents in working towards a more pet inclusive housing market. Changing perceptions through education to bring confidence to all parties.

Australia has among the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with 62% of households having a pet. However, in Queensland renting with a pet has previously been be very difficult with only about 10% of rental properties allowing pets. From October 1st 2022 changes to tenancy laws will come into effect, making it easier for renters to have a pet.

So what does this mean for you?  These changes will support parties to reach agreement on renting with pets. You will be able to apply to have pets and property owners cannot unreasonably refuse a tenant's request. Some of these reasons include a lack of fencing or appropriate space for the pet, health and safety risks, or if the pet is likely to cause damage beyond repair.

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This is fantastic news for pet owners and those who have been considering a furry addition to the family however; this change is also an opportunity to ensure we are stepping up as responsible pet owners. It is your responsibility to provide care for your pet whilst maintaining the property to the standard as agreed to in your lease. Any damage caused by your pet is your responsibility. Being a positive pet owner will ensure both property owners, pet owners and pets have a positive renting experience.

Tips on renting with a pet

  • Put together a ‘pawfect pet resume' detailing information about your pet.
  • Prepare and provide references about your pet. This could be from your previous property owner, trainer or veterinarian.
  • Keep thorough pet health status records such as vaccination certificates, parasite prevention etc as this helps to demonstrate your proactive care as a pet owner.
  • If you are negotiating for birds or pocket pets, supply an image of their enclosure.
  • Introduce your pet to your potential property owner.
  • Negotiate an agreement with your property owner for them to inspect the property to ensure your pet has not caused any damage.
  • Throughout your tenancy, ensure you provide responsible pet care whilst maintaining property standards. This will support a positive relationship between all parties.
  • If you are experiencing any challenging behaviours from your pet, see below for educational material. You can also seek support from a reputable trainer. RSPCA School For Pets.

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