77 Cats Rescued from Vile Living Conditions

Animals Posted May 7, 2021
When our Inspectors received two separate animal cruelty complaints, what Inspector Jared found when he attended both properties was shocking and unexpected.

At the first property you can see cats peeking out from behind a curtain in the window, the window crawling with hundreds of flies. It was just an indication of what was to come.

Upon entry, our Inspectors were overwhelmed by what they saw and smelt. The living conditions for these poor cats was rife. “There were no windows open, no fans on, no way for oxygen to flow properly,” Inspector Jared said.

“The smell and the heat, was one of the worst properties I’ve ever been to.”

At that first property our Inspectors rescued 34 cats.

The cats were hiding everywhere and living in filth. Inspector Jared said, “There was faeces up and down the wall, and on the floor, piled inches thick.”

The behind the scenes footage of this investigation really speaks for itself.

At the second property, our Inspectors rescued a further 43 cats. In the garage there were cats and kittens living in what can only be described as “beyond disgusting” conditions. It took around three hours for all of the cats at the second property to be contained in preparation for transportation back to the RSPCA.

Only four of the 77 cats rescued from the properties were social and friendly, the rest were under-socialised, fearful, timid and avoided human interaction. It was terrible to see them this way. It wasn’t an easy feat, but our Behaviour Team put in hours upon hours of their time to help socialise these cats, ensuring they were finally ready for adoption.

With your help, the majority of these cats were successfully rehabilitated medically and behaviourally and have since gone on to find loving new homes.

Their former owner has since been prosecuted.

You can ensure we can continue to help cats just like these by donating today.

Emma Lagoon
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