Grill’d partners with RSPCA to end the battery cage!

Battery Cage Hens Queensland Law Posted May 7, 2021
One of Australia’s most loved restaurants, Grill’d has joined RSPCA in combatting the use of battery cages in Australia.
Battery hens spend their whole lives confined to a cage the size of an A4 sheet of paper! Read more about battery cages and how you can take action for battery hens

To encourage consumers and other businesses in buying cage free eggs, RSPCA has partnered with Grill'd and together hope to raise awareness about the cruel confinements of hens in battery cages. 

Grill'd has been using cage-free eggs since its' opening in 2004, priding itself on using fresh, local produce and ethically sourced ingredients. 
Watch RSPCA Qld's CEO, Mark Townend catch up with the store manager at Grill'd in Springfield:

Ruby Stewart
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