Heat Warning: Remember your pets

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Christmas and school holidays is a hectic time of the year, remember your pets with the weather heating up!

Recently, our Inspectors finalised a case in court that had a tragic outcome. Four poor dogs were left to die in their cages because their owner left them unattended for over a week.

Their deaths were easily preventable.  

We don’t want pets to suffer like this again!

Our message is clear this Christmas – REMEMBER YOUR PETS.

Before you think this wouldn’t happen to you, dogs don’t need to be locked in cages to die from heat stress. 20 minutes on a tether in the sun means pets work themselves into a panicked frenzy and very quickly overheat beyond return. Read our recent tethering cases here

If you’re planning a getaway this festive break, consider these simple points: 

  • Have you booked a pet sitter? Visit PetCloud to find a reputable pet sitter in your area.
  • Have you registered with RSPCA Home Alone? You can provide emergency contact’s details should your pet be found or a welfare concern is reported to us. 
  • Does your pet have access to fresh water and ample shade while you are away? 
  • Does your dog have the freedom to roam in a secure yard, not left tied up?
  • Do you have an option when travelling with your pet so they aren’t left in a hot car or on the back of a ute? I only takes 6 minutes for a pet to die in a hot car!

Our pets depend on us and we always need to have a Plan B if we can’t tend to them for any reason. Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right.

Remember to call 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) for all animal emergencies.

**READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED** the following imagery is heartbreaking and disturbing.

In December last year, Police called in our Inspectorate about a horrific find at a property.

dogs die in cages left unattended rspca inspectorate

Inspector Andrew attended to find four deceased dogs in their cages.

Their owner hadn’t tended to them for over a week and temperatures reached between 32 and 36 degrees every day. These dogs were doomed from the beginning. 

There they suffered and died because the person they trusted to care for them, didn’t return. 

The photos below are extremely graphic and incredibly sad.  

Inspector Andrew saw two of the dogs nestled side by side at the back of one cage with a bone dry bowl, this is how they passed away, together. It’s hard to comprehend the suffering and distress these four dogs would have gone through. 

owner left dogs for over a week rspca inspectorate 

In every cage, every bowl was empty or upturned, and none of the dogs had bedding or food. 

Their deaths were easily preventable.

dogs die in cages rspca inspectorate queensland

In court, Prosecutor Adrian Braithwaite of Counsel submitted that the only rational conclusion was that the dogs, Jack, Bonnie, Digger and Nala died a long, slow and painful death. The Magistrate agreed. 

Don’t ever let this happen to your pets. 

If you see an animal in distress report it with urgency to our 24/7 ANIMAL Emergency Hotline 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). Your actions help us save lives.

Emma Lagoon
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