Prosecution Outcome: Holly’s Story

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Holly may not have got the life she deserved, but her owner was convicted.

A 39-year-old man faced Brisbane Magistrate’s court on March 24, 2021 charged with failure to treat his dog Holly’s injury. 

In 2019 an RSPCA Inspector followed up a cruelty complaint in relation to a dog called Holly noticed limping in a backyard. The Inspector attended the owner’s property and sighted Holly with a leg injury and issued an Animal Welfare Directive to the owner to ensure Holly was taken to a vet for treatment. 

Despite the owner taking Holly to a vet, stating to the vet that Holly had not been weight bearing since 2018, and the examining vet telling him that Holly may have osteosarcoma or a cartilage clot requiring immediate vet treatment, Holly’s owner stated he could not afford treatment and left with Holly.

Holly’s owner did nothing to alleviate her suffering.

rspca inspectors prosecution outcome holly the dog

When our Inspector found Holly she was tied to a fence with faecal and urine stains, still with an injured leg. Holly was seized and brought into the RSPCA for treatment. 

As you can imagine, Holly had been through a lot. She was very quiet, flat and depressed and slightly underweight.  She had exposed bone on her toes and right hind limb. This old injury left untreated was causing her lameness. Holly also had urinary and faecal incontinence which had contributed to chronic ulcerated wounds. Holly’s right leg had severe muscle wastage and she had swelling on her right hip. This was no way for poor Holly to live.

hollys story rspca inspectorate

RSPCA vets treated her wounds and she was placed on medication to help her pain and prevent infection. 

Unfortunately, veterinary exams confirmed that Holly had osteosarcoma, just as the external vet had suggested to the owner. Sadly, due to Holly’s poor prognosis of osteosarcoma and poor quality of life she was humanely euthanised. Holly was finally free from pain and suffering.

Holly’s owner failed her. 

He failed to seek medical treatment for Holly, follow legal directives on multiple occasions from RSPCA and Police and had a complete lack of empathy for Holly’s suffering.

Had Holly’s injuries been treated when they first occurred, she may still be with us today.

Our team took Holly’s owner to court and he was convicted. 

He was fined, ordered to pay costs and prohibited from owning animals for three years. 

While it hurts our team to know we couldn’t save Holly, she had people who cared for her at the end and our Prosecutions Team sought justice for Holly.

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Emma Lagoon
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