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Animals Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare Pet Care Rescue RSPCA Inspectors Posted Jun 15, 2021
It was Ben’s first day on the job when he was immediately exposed to animal cruelty - a call out regarding a skinny dog.

Ben joined the RSPCA as an Inspector to get more involved with animals and help make a difference in the community.

It was Ben’s first day on the job when he was immediately exposed to animal cruelty - a call out regarding a skinny dog in Cairns. “I still remember it vividly. I attended this particular job with Inspector Shawn who was training me at the time and I thought the job would be a breeze, but I was so wrong!”

Ben was shocked the moment he encountered Charlie, this was the skinniest animal he had ever seen. “I was sick to my stomach and in total shock about the condition of Charlie. He was so skinny and totally emaciated, the vets had to make the hard decision to put him to sleep and end his suffering. Poor Charlie’s situation just broke my heart.”

Charlie’s former owner was taken to court and prosecuted. You can read more about court outcomes and the role of the RSPCA here.

As an Inspector, some days are frustrating and confronting like with poor Charlie, others are completely rewarding. Ben says, “For me, the difference I can make in so many animal's and people’s lives makes all the hard work and long days well worth it.”

Ben played a big part in giving Bobby the life she had always deserved.

His investigations resulted in a very sore Bobby coming into RSPCA care for urgent veterinary treatment. She had severe and painful Demodectic mange. It looked so terrible it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have ignored her pain and suffering for so long.

After months of veterinary treatment and rehabilitation at the RSPCA, Bobby made a miraculous recovery and has been adopted into a loving family!

Ben has nothing but praise for his colleagues and those that support the RSPCA. “I honestly believe our Society’s Inspectors are the hardest working and most passionate group of individuals I have come across throughout my career. We can only make a difference with the community backing us up.”

If you come across an animal welfare concern, you can report it 24/7 via 1300 ANIMAL or online here.

Sophie Oxford
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