Poppy's Plight

Animals Animal Welfare Charity Event Posted May 7, 2021
Poppy was in such a bad way when she was found by our RSPCA Inspectors earlier this year. With Give to Get them Home, you can help rescue animals just like Poppy.

Poppy’s condition was simply heartbreaking. It’s hard to understand how she could still have the energy to stand upright - her ribs and hips protruding from her skin.

Poppy when she was seized showing visible ribs and spine

Probably wondering where her next meal was coming from, despite being hungry and suffering herself, poppy wasn’t going let her puppies go without, staying close to their side.

Poppy’s shocking condition didn’t happen overnight, but she was lucky to have been rescued in the nick of time by Inspectors, before she reached the point of no return. A few more days and Poppy’s organs could have started to shut down, then there would be no one left to support her little ones.

Poppy looking up at camera, visibly skinny

Not only was Poppy in a terrible state, she was allegedly also tethered and tangled, restricting her ability to move around for her puppies. Imagine not even having the freedom to go to the toilet elsewhere? Sighted by Inspectors walking through faeces and urine was unavoidable for poor Poppy and her puppies.

RSPCA Inspectors wasted no time in seizing Poppy and her puppies from the dreadful situation they were in, they desperately needed treatment and care to survive.

When you Give to Get them Home, you’re rescuing animals like Poppy and her puppies from dire situations.

Whisked to the local vet for assessment with her puppies in tow, Poppy wagged her tail with glee as she hoovered up every last dog biscuit she was given in her bowl. It’s hard to know when she last had a decent meal – it’s alleged that poor Poppy would have been this way for many weeks. But it brought a smile to everyone’s face in the vet clinic, that first moment Poppy showed a glimmer of hope return. Once in RSPCA care, the rehabilitation process started for Poppy and her pups. It wasn’t going to be easy for our vets and foster carers, but it wasn’t impossible either.

Because Poppy was such a good mum to her babies, once they reached a suitable weight and were given the all clear medically, all of her puppies were able to be desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, worm and flea treated.

Poppy's puppy ace in the hands of an RSPCA volunteer

All of Poppies puppies were then able to start their new lives and have since gone on to find adoring families.

Poppy's puppy Ace grown up and lying on a bed in their new home

Poppy's puppy Ace grown up! "He's now a whopping 20kg at 5 and a half months old! Getting into mischief (as all puppies do!) But he's got a sassy and loving personality (loves giving kisses and tasting feet lol!) We couldn't love him more."

Poppy’s journey at the RSPCA has been a long one. Sadly there is no quick fix for emaciated pets like Poppy, and her recovery would be slow. But slow and steady certainly wins the race, and with every meal and every bit of affection, Poppy progressed in leaps and bounds.

Poppy’s battle wasn’t just with her emaciated state however, she also had to beat heartworm, hookworm and a skin allergy.

Although several months have passed with Poppy receiving care and treatment, we are pleased to say that she is much brighter and happier - loving life with her foster parent, Lou.

Poppy and their foster owner cuddling

Your donations mean that pets like Poppy can receive lifesaving treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing care for as long as they need it

It won’t be long until Poppy is fully recovered from heartworm and has reached a healthy weight. Once she’s in the clear, Poppy will be desexed (and have a much needed dental clean too). Then, she will finally be ready to start her new life with her forever family and put her terrible past well and truly behind her!

Healthy poppy posing with RSPCA Inspector

Poppy’s case is still under investigation. Her previous owner will be facing charges relating to failing to provide appropriate food, water and living conditions to Poppy, and failing to provide appropriate water and living conditions to her puppies.

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Emma Lagoon
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