Barry Didn’t Deserve to Suffer

Donate Rescue Posted May 7, 2021
37 animals were rescued in one day! Our Inspectors were appalled by what they saw…
Our Inspectors seized 37 animals in one day from a place that was meant to be a loving home for disabled and high care need animals. 

Barry was found with the flesh on his back legs worn through almost to exposed bone. He had raw flesh and wounds on his back end due to dragging and immobility. Barry was quite clearly in terrible condition and it would have been obvious to anyone that he needed medical treatment. 

It wasn’t something that you could ignore. Donate and help us stop things like this happening!

One of our vet nurses, Emma, recalls getting goose bumps and welling up with tears at how awful Barry looked.

But Barry wasn’t the only animal that needed us that day.  Amongst the animals that needed emergency care were 32 dogs, 21 horses, two birds, one cat and a donkey. 

You can help us be there for animals like Barry

  • A donation of $15 can help answer an emergency call on our cruelty hotline
  • A generous gift $25 could help our Inspectors take on an urgent animal rescue
  • And $75 can help pay for life-saving veterinary medication

I know that these are difficult times however beautiful dogs, like Barry, don’t stop requiring rescuing and treatment. 

Please, we need your support to save animals who need us across Queensland

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