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Starving and neglected, Harley just wanted love. Your compassion this May helps fight animal cruelty and fills hungry bellies!

Together this May we can make a difference to the lives of mistreated, neglected and abused animals. Rescued from a sad and sorry situation, Harley found his second chance. Will you Walk this May to support dogs like him?

When found by our Inspector, Harley was emaciated and starved of attention. He was just left discarded in a backyard like he didn’t matter.

Despite providing worming treatment to the owner and trying to get them to improve Harley’s condition and wellbeing on multiple occasions, Harley’s condition and wellbeing hadn’t improved.

It was clear Harley needed to be seized if he was going to get the care he desperately deserved.

Harley’s life was completely transformed at the RSPCA. Free to run about and go for daily walks with lots of care from vets, volunteers and staff, Harley was finally happy. He had people showering him in affection, feeding him, and giving him the love that every dog needs.

You couldn’t shake the beaming smile on Harley’s face along with his excitable tail!

In under a month at the RSPCA Harley had gained 31% of his body weight! He went from being a measly 19.8 kilos to a healthy 31 kilos over his time in care.

Beautiful Harley now has wonderful owners and that’s all he ever wished for.

Can you walk every day in May in the name of Harley and other dogs that need to be rescued from similar awful situations? Sign up for free to ensure no dogs ever have to suffer the way Harley did.

Harley’s former owner was prosecuted and convicted. He was fined and prohibited from owning animals for five years.

Your kindness keeps our Inspectors on the road, fills hungry tummies, and makes happy endings possible for animals in need.

Emma Lagoon
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