Bake a difference for Bug this Cupcake Day!

Animals Animal Cruelty Animal Welfare Pet Care Rescue RSPCA Inspectors Posted Jun 30, 2021
Adorable Bug had a rough start to life, but his recovery is possible thanks to your support!

Beautiful Bug is currently in RSPCA care.

Rescued by our Inspectors, Bug has been able to get the veterinary treatment he needed.  But our Inspectors and Vets need you this August for RSPCA Cupcake Day, to help raise vital funds so that pets like Bug can get the help they need every day.

Bug before surgery

Bug needed urgent surgery to treat his injured front leg.

Bug with injured leg

Sadly, his leg was in such a bad way that it couldn’t be saved, so our vets had to amputate. But little Bug is a fighter and despite having just three legs now, he is happy, pain-free, and in recovery thanks to you!

Bug post surgery with RSPCA Inspector

96% of our funding comes from generous people like you, reading Bug’s story right now.

By fundraising for RSPCA Cupcake Day, you’re helping pets like Bug get the care they urgently need and keeping our Inspectors on the road, fighting animal cruelty.

How $72 helps

By raising $72 for Cupcake Day you’re keeping an animal in one of our shelters for two nights – safe, warm and snuggly until they find their forever home.

How $252 helps

By raising $252 for Cupcake Day you’ll help us care for an animal in our shelters for a whole week!

How $504 helps

Raising $504 for Cupcake Day keeps one of our Animal Ambulances or Inspectorate vehicles fully fueled for a week, responding to injured and sick animal calls - just like Bug’s - 24/7 across Queensland!

You’ll be pleased to hear that post-surgery, Bug the affectionate Staffy is calling a foster home his own while he recovers. Here he is, snug as a ‘Bug’…

Bug Snug

Bug playing in the grass

Bug has you to thank! He’ll be enjoying life in a foster home while our Inspectors investigate his case. Your kindness means pets like Bug can get a second chance.

Sign up for free here and help bake a difference with your fellow animal lovers this August for RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Emma Lagoon
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