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Big Adopt Out Animal Rescue Groups Posted Dec 15, 2020
As I sit here in my air conditioned lounge room in my dinosaur onesie sipping a cosmopolitan, surrounded by my furry kids, after what was for me an immense week in the animal welfare world, I wonder how I can improve next week?
Working for the RSPCA QLD is not only the biggest emotional roller coaster  I have ever ridden but the most satisfying ride also. My job description states 'Rehoming and a Rescue Network Coordinator' but I have yet to meet one person who in that place that doesn't wear a vast varied amount of 'hats'. This makes for a very busy and interesting work week. 

One of this month's challenges laid at my door by the CEO was to have a few rescue groups attend the Wacol Campus to showcase their animals available for adoption each weekend. Challenge accepted I say! So I go about calling - texting - emailing - Facebook messaging animal rescue groups to see who wants in on this sweet deal! The first to put their hand up is Greyhounds new Beginings- life after the track (GNB). They do a magnificent job Rehoming what can be a very misjudged breed of dog.


Buffy and Sarah the founders of GNB were overwhelmed at this offer and went to work making arrangements, sounds easy huh? Haha.

Most animal rescue groups are a foster based group this means that there is no shelter/head office where all the pets live. So to organise 4-8 dogs to attend an event each weekend can be a struggle when you look at all the elements involved; the families, their location, their availability/routine and the pet's behaviour. Thank goodness we started with greyhounds and I didn't have to organise this part of the visit!

With military precision, Buffy and Sarah went into action organising dates, times schedules, profiles and pictures for all of the hounds in their care. After many man hours we had a steady stream of greyhounds attending our Brisbane RSPCA every weekend, with their foster family in tow to talk to the general public about the hound they care for.

The GNB greyhound foster carers were asked many questions during their weekend visits, and many breed misconceptions were DEBUNKED.

Do Greyhounds need a lot of exercise and are they going to chase everything?

A little known fact about greyhounds is that they are almost bombproof dogs. These guys are the chilled out professionals of the doggy world! A misconception is that these guys are frantic, highly strung or have too much pent up energy from not running races. You couldn't be more wrong! As a a general rule they are quite chillaxed and more of a couch potato. So if you're looking for a lounge lizard that doesn't need all that much exercise, a greyhound could be pawfect for you.

Nicci Exposito
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