Apartment Living for Dog Lovers

Posted Dec 1, 2020
Living in an apartment has a number of different benefits and in the States, renting a living space is on the rise compared to purchasing a house. Sometimes dog lovers can struggle with choosing to rent since they want to enjoy the perks of smaller spaces, but still, want a canine in their life.

Living in an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have to give up on your love of dogs. However, it does mean you may need to do a little more homework, planning and perhaps some preparation before settling on this smaller living space. For example, some landlords or lessees may not allow any pets at all or could have restrictions on certain breeds, regardless of their size. But even little canines, especially terriers and basset hounds can have shrill, loud barks that can annoy neighbours.

Big Dogs for Small Spaces

Let’s say your landlord allows canines of all shapes and sizes, but does this mean that lovers of larger dogs should give up on the notion of having a much bigger dog inside this smaller space? Not necessarily, since some bigger breeds are known as “mat dogs,” due to the inordinate amount of time they spend sleeping and lying around all day. While they still need exercise, bigger dogs breeds like the Great Dane, Pyrenees, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards are known to take what seems like endless naps. This usually occurs while their owners are away at work, school and other daily events that leave these dogs home alone and left to their own devices, which usually includes a great deal of lying around. 

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

On average, most dogs (regardless of their size), will sleep up to 14 hours in any given 24 hour period. Puppies and older dogs can pound up to 20 hours of pillow time in a regular day. Even those canines who are kept on a regular schedule can still have a burst of energy and awake time that has nothing to do with their regular routine. A knock on the door, the arrival of an unexpected guest, or other happening can have any type of dog pop up from their sleepy time to participate in some kind of activity that’s outside their norm. 

For more information on canines and their confines, check out this infographic, “Apartment Living For Dog Lovers,” for some tips and tricks on making the most out of living in a smaller space with your four-legged companion. If you’re looking for the right dog for your lifestyle, ask the RSPCA adoptions team to help find the right fit for you. 


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