How To Safely Use A Cat Backpack

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What seems to be on-trend right now are backpack carriers for cats. What’s not to love? They are cute, handy to carry and cats love them. Right? Well maybe not quite right.

From a cat owner’s perspective they are cute and handy to carry on the back, leaving two hands free but what about from a cat’s perspective?

A cat might think they are a bit small with no room to lie down or for a food or water bowl (and anyway, any water bowl would easily spill with all that walking about!). Some backpacks don’t even have a place for a self-respecting cat to hide…

Let’s have a closer look at cat carrier backpacks!

If you are going to use a cat carrier backpack, it's important that you:

  1. Make sure your cat can effectively hide inside (therefore, don’t buy the ones with a completely transparent front).
  2. Only use them for short trips. They are not suitable for lengthy trips as kitty litter, food and water are impossible to include.
  3. Ensure they are big enough for your cat, have plenty of air holes and allow your cat to hide.
  4. Make sure you familiarise your cat with the backpack, and make it a nice place to be with a comfy, familiar rug and treats.
cat in backpack

Even though it may feel like a familiar backpack, don’t treat it like your old school bag and throw it around, kick it into the corner or fail to open it because who needs school books! The bag must be treated gently at all times and put on with care – don’t swing it onto one shoulder, for example.

As long as you take care, by all means use one to take your cat to the vet! Never force your feline to use one if they’re not inclined. After all, cats will tell you quite obviously what they’re not into!

Dr Mandy Paterson
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