Chocolate Warning for Pets this Easter

Pet Care Cats Dogs Pet Health Pets Posted Mar 30, 2023
The dangers of giving pets chocolate and other Easter treats....

Chocolate is highly toxic just 50g can kill a dog. Chocolate's key ingredient, Theobromine, is extremely hazardous to our four-legged friends and can cause a range of problems.

RSPCA Qld’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr Anne Chester, has warned pet owners of the dangers of feeding your pets chocolate.

“Theobromine can cause a range of problems in domestic animals because it triggers the release of adrenaline, which can lead to a greatly accelerated heart rate and an irregular heartbeat. Pets can vomit, suffer diarrhoea and excessive urination and become hyperactive. This can be followed by depression, coma, seizures and death.”

But chocolate isn’t the only food around Easter that is dangerous for your pet. Hot cross buns, onions, cooked bones, fatty barbeque leftovers and corn cobs, can all cause major implications for your pet’s health.

Nova the 5-month-old dog was brought into the RSPCA for treatment and care. She hadn’t eaten for days, had diahorrea, a temperature, white gums and was very lethargic. Something was clearly very wrong. X-rays revealed a corn cob lodged in Nova’s intestines! Although her prognosis was touch and go, she was one lucky puppy to have survived. After successful surgery to remove the corn cob, lots of medication and care, Nova made a full recovery and was adopted into a loving home.

Holiday periods are usually a time for celebrating, relaxing and indulging with your family and it’s normal to want to share these times with your pet. However, it is important to remember sometimes sharing is not caring when it comes to foods that are hazardous to our pets.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this Easter with your furry friend, but please remember to keep chocolate and other toxic foods out of reach.

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