Prevent Pyometra with Desexing

Pet Care Dogs Posted Jun 29, 2021
Arriving in a critical condition at the RSPCA, Daisy’s emergency situation could have been prevented with desexing

RSPCA Queensland’s desexing campaign, Operation Wanted is in its seventh year. The campaign runs until August 31st 2021 with participating vets and councils offering 20% off pet desexing.

Desexing your pet comes with many benefits. The risk of your pet having an unwanted litter - which can be time consuming and costly - is reduced. If you have a frisky feline, the desire your cat may have to roam the streets will decrease too if they are desexed. Urine spraying in male cats will also reduce too!

For dogs like Daisy here, the risk of disease and some cancers are also reduced when your pet is desexed.

At seven years of age, poor Daisy had a ruptured pyometra which is an infection in her uterus. Daisy’s predicament was life threatening and could have been avoided. Pyometra is common disease in older female dogs. If left untreated it can lead to kidney failure, toxaemia, dehydration and even death! The best way to avoid it? Get your dog desexed!

Picked up by our Animal Ambulance, Daisy needed help fast! She was struggling to move, her breathing was rapid, and she had a lot of swelling in her abdomen. 

Daisy with a swollen abdomen

Daisy Xray

Our veterinary team got to work by flushing Daisy’s abdomen in a very tricky surgery. The pus build-up for poor Daisy from a toxic pyometra was terrible to see. For a while it was touch and go for Daisy and our veterinary team were not sure she would pull through! We’re pleased to say that a few days after surgery, little Daisy was feeling much better and made a full recovery.

Daisy post surgery

After much needed recuperation from her ordeal Daisy has now found a loving family.

Has your pet been desexed? Head to Operation Wanted to register for 20% off desexing at participating vets and councils in Queensland.

Sophie Oxford
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