Bathtime Tips for Dog Owners

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Some dogs love their baths… but others would rather do ANYTHING else. Here’s some tips on keeping your pooch calm whilst you give them a much-needed clean!

For many dog owners, wash time is strangely synonymous with the end of the world in your furry friend’s eyes (completely ignoring the fact humans do this daily). It’s a messy, logistical nightmare and can seem like a complete waste of time when you see your companion leg it out the back door and try to rub off your handy work in that suspicious looking brown pile on the grass. We are here to help (or at least make it a little more bearable).

dog getting washed in the bath

Take some inspiration from Hansel and Gretel when it comes to actually getting your dog to the tub or washing area. A trail of treats can do the trick if you’re lucky, but some pets need a little more encouragement. Try spraying some KONG Easy Treat paste from the RSPCA World for Pets store on bath tiles to keep them licking away as you lather and rinse. Dog washing has never been so simple!

dog eating treat whilst having a bath

Another option to keep your pooch occupied is the Lickimat, designed specifically for stressful times. It comes with a suction cap to stick to tiles, glass and laminates, and by spreading your pet's favourite soft treat over the surface, you create a tasty fun game with them having seek out every morsel with their tongue. It’s great for calming pets, keeps them occupied, and works great during wash time!

Licking food off treat mat during bathtime

If your pooch still resists getting wet, try a damp, soapy cloth as your next best option. Place a small bucket of warm water mixed with some pet-friendly shampoo next to you and your dog. Get a small flannel to soak, squeeze, then wipe away all the souvenirs of their not-so-pleasant adventures.

Speaking of shampoo – make sure you’ve chosen one that works with your dog’s skin and does not cause them any irritation. World For Pets has a great range to choose from to ensure your pal is clean, fresh and smelling great. 

The key to any bath time is to remain calm and make it a happy time for both you and your pet. Keep water temperatures at a low heat – not too cold and not too hot – and avoid high pressure taps or hoses that can spook or hurt your dog. You want bath time to be a rewarding experience for your furry friend, not a time of stress and discomfort!

dog poking tongue at camera whilst in a bath

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