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Pet Care Pets Dogs Posted Dec 1, 2020
Welcomed a new puppy into your home? Now is the time to get them into a routine and learn some new skills

Training a puppy can be hard work by yourself, and we know how difficult these time are already. That’s why we have introduced RSPCA School for Dogs Online Puppy Training Classes. These classes are available for Baby Puppies and Intermediate Puppies.

Baby Puppy training class is a 4-week course for puppies who are 8-16 weeks old. These classes help your pooch get on the right track for dog-hood, with simple behaviour training like sit, lie down and go to bed.

An important aspect of puppy training is socialisation, and RSPCA School for Dogs is now offering Baby Puppy Socialisation groups. These 30 minute sessions are offered to those who are students of or have completed the Baby Puppy classes, as long as the pup is under 16 weeks. 

With classes of up to 8 puppies, these sessions include structured training provided by our qualified trainers, and will fulfil your pup’s socialisation needs. 

RSPCA School for Dogs are offering these classes at Wacol and Springwood locations and will adhere to social distancing precautions to ensure everyone’s safety during COVID-19. For those that are a little too far away, read our tips on how to train your puppy at home. 

The world can be a scary and confusing place to a pup, so it's important to equip them with the skills they need to navigate what’s around them, all within a safe environment. 

For those puppies that have graduated Baby Puppy school, RSPCA School for Dogs run a Intermediate Puppy class. This 6-week course will build on skills that your puppy has already learnt from Baby Puppy classes, as well as learn other vital ones like loose lead walking, stay and leave it, and come when called. 

Jemima Moore
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