Quick and Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Pet Care Pet Health Dogs Posted Dec 1, 2020
RSPCA School for Dogs walks us through some fun and easy tricks to teach your dog

So, you’re lounging on your couch scrolling through cute Instagram videos of dogs showcasing their latest tricks. You look lovingly toward your nutter of a pup who is sprawled out next to you and wonder how to emulate the same tricks with them. How on Earth did they manage to get their dog to do that?  

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of training your pooch is natural. We all want the best for our dogs but it can be confusing to know where to begin, especially if you’re a first time dog parent. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which methods to use, or even what treats make for the best learning incentive. When it comes to the enrichment of your dog, every minute you invest in learning is worth it.

Spending time teaching your dog new tricks is not only beneficial for their behavioural habits, but it helps keep their mind active! The ultimate bonus is that they get to spend quality time with the person they love most—you! 

If you’re eager to teach your pup the essential dog tricks as well as some fun party tricks, De and Lachy from RSPCA School for Dogs have everything you need to know. From basics such as ‘sit’, to spunky tricks like ‘bow’, these tips will help your pooch reach an Instagram level of stardom...or perhaps a mere neighbourhood level. 

Remember to use high-value treats when training your dog as it will ensure they maintain their motivation to learn. You can browse through the selection of quality dog treats at the World for Pets store, where all profits from items sold goes toward the RSPCA!

If you would like more tips like this, head to and check out their virtual dog training classes online. 

Sarah Barfoot
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