Training Your Puppy Through a Pandemic

Pet Care Dogs Posted Dec 1, 2020
Creative ways in which to train your new puppy, right from the comfort of your own home.

Although the world’s current situation has most of us locked in our houses, that doesn’t mean life stops for good. There are many creative ways in which to train your new puppy, right from the comfort of your own home.

Socialisation in Isolation

One main aspect of puppy training is socialisation. But what about social distancing? You may ask. This is obviously an important question and something that we all must abide by. However, it is still possible for your puppy to become socially aware. The critical socialisation period for your puppy is from birth to 14 weeks, so you will need to expose your puppy to new environments; whether that’s a different part of the garden, unfamiliar sounds and objects or if allowed in your area; invite someone to come over (as long as you maintain correct social distancing) and positively interact with your puppy. There are many ways in which to become creative with socialisation and ensure your puppy still has a great transition into adulthood.


During these times of isolation it is so tempting to just play, cuddle and spend every waking moment with your puppy. Although this is recommended to a degree, it is also important to make sure you both have separate agendas at times. This will build independence for your puppy so they can feel comfortable with being left alone. You can do this by setting up a crate or a bed where you tell your puppy to stay, rewarding their good behaviour with a treat. When you eventually head back to work or leave the house, you will know your puppy is comfortable and happy to spend time alone.

RSPCA School For Dogs Online Classes

RSPCA School for Dogs has online classes available right now that will help you make the most out of the puppy years. This coaching is in a similar format of any normal, face-to-face classes, meaning the trainer can see your dog and their progress, as well as you being able to watch the trainer and their dog. During these classes your puppy will learn important skills like sit, lie down, go to bed and settle, while you learn how to positively reinforce and understand your puppy. Puppy training is vital for those early stages of dog-hood, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to emBARK on a new, online way of learning.

You can access the RSPCA School for Dogs website here and book in your pooch today!

Jemima Moore
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