What The Quack?

Wildlife Rescue Posted Dec 15, 2020
When a Queensland family heard strange noises coming from their chimney, they thought perhaps a family of birds had taken shelter from the cold winter weather. As the days went on however, they realized something was wrong and called the RSPCA to help.

RSPCA rescue officer Chloe was fast on the case and arrived to take a peep up the chimney to see what all the chirping was about!

To her surprise, nine baby Wood Duck chicks had hatched in the chimney, “not the best place for a duck to be born” she observed! Eight ducklings were quickly retrieved, but one little explorer was stuck quite far up the chimney flue. Climbing her ladder and scaling the roof, Chloe tried her best to access the little fuzz ball. After some gentle shimmying, the baby chick was pulled to safety, unharmed but a little sooty.

small duckling in hands

The Australian Wood Duck is widespread across Australia, found in grasslands, wetlands and along the coastline. They will form monogamous breeding pairs and nest in tree hollows near water, with both parents being responsible for feeding their ducklings. They will often return to the same nesting site each breeding season. Due to habitat destruction and deforestation, it can be difficult for the Wood Duck to find appropriate nesting trees, so they will make-do with man-made structures like this family’s chimney!

With all nine ducklings now safely out of harm’s way, Chloe relocated them to a park just over the backyard fence, where they were greeted by a very worried Mummy and Daddy duck. The feathered family, now happily reunited, waddled off to the water for their first swim together. 

Rebecca Sykes
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