Gemma’s return to the wild

Animals Rescue Wildlife Posted Feb 7, 2023
Spring trauma season is here at our RSPCA Wildlife Hospital, with more animals needing rescue, treatment and rehab every day.

As much as it’s a busy season for our wildlife vets and nurses, it’s always so rewarding when you see patients returning into the wild!

Second chances like the one Gemma the koala received recently, are only possible thanks to people like you in the community, donating to our cause.

Found on the roadside after her mum was hit by a car, Gemma was an orphan at just eight months of age.

Rushed into RSPCA care, Gemma was treated for anaemia and severe dehydration. 

Luckily, Gemma made a full recovery from her ordeal.

She spent many months in rehabilitation, also known as ‘koala kindy’, where she learned to climb trees and fend for herself.

Speaking about her experience with Gemma, Wildlife Carer Angela said, “She has been a delight, she’s a real character.”

We’re pleased to announce that after almost twelve months of care, Gemma was able to return to the wild and start her own journey as an adult!

With your help, we can continue to help every animal that comes into our care like Gemma, and give them the best possible chance at eventual release.

Emma Lagoon
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