How to Help Wildlife in 2022

Animals Rescue Wildlife Posted Jan 28, 2022
With the New Year here, you can make a resolution with simple steps to protect our wildlife.

Some top wildlife tips to start the New Year:

Here’s a recent animal rescue story for a rather large lizard in a tight spot!

Late last year, RSPCA Rescue Officer Chantel was called to a rescue in Upper Kedron for a lace monitor who was stuck between two rocks in a sandstone retaining wall.

The big reptile had been there for at least 36 hours!

Chantel sedated the lace monitor and realised he was tightly wedged in an upright position between the rocks and the only way to safely remove him was to break away some of the rock. 

Chantel called the Arana Hills QFES nearby for assistance and the "B Shift" came out to assist in removing some of the sandstone. Chantel was then able to pry the lace monitor free. Called Sammy by one of the fire fighters, the lace monitor was then transported by the RSPCA to the Wildlife Hospital for a checkup. 

After a short stay at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital, Sammy was successfully released back into the wild!

If you find a lace monitor or other large animal in need of assistance, contact 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) as these rescues can be tricky and dangerous and best left to professional animal handlers!

Sophie Oxford
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