Securing a Future for the Survivors

Wildlife Posted Dec 15, 2020
Bushfires past and present have killed and injured wildlife on mass. Recovery missions to save lives was the first challenge, now we face another battle.

The Australian bushfires are at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now. The devastating impact that fire has had on our animals is soul destroying. But, there are ways you can help ensure there is a future for our wildlife. Donate today!

September 2019 saw the Bushfire crisis begin in Queensland, and they have continued to ravage our nation. Animal lovers within our community have been a tremendous lifeline in helping save animals through rescue, monetary donations, wildlife care, and donations of items to our wildlife hospitals.

At RSPCA Queensland we are still caring for bushfire victims from last year. Bushfires past and present have killed and injured wildlife on mass. Recovery missions to save lives was the first challenge, now we face another battle; securing a future for the survivors.

As animals recover in our RSPCA Wildlife Hospitals and with wildlife carers, they are now faced with the realisation that they simply have no home to return to. Their homes have been lost and they can’t be returned to just anywhere in the wild. This bushfire crisis will continue to impact our native animals for months and years to come.

So what’s next?

As we face the challenges ahead, you can help us fund the future of our wildlife in Queensland.

The RSPCA has two wildlife hospitals operating in Queensland; one based at Wacol in Brisbane and the other, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Eumundi. These are our future plans that you can directly help to support:

  • As well as continuing to provide round the clock care to sick and injured wildlife in our hospitals, we will continue to work with wildlife carers to assist wild animals that have recovered from their injuries but cannot be released back to their ‘home’ environment, as it no longer exists. These poor animals are now in limbo.
  • We will be working with government to come up with a solution for these displaced animals that cannot return ‘home’ just yet.
  • Donations will enable us to expand the capacity of our wildlife wards and resources to assist the ever growing number of wildlife requiring our care each year. Last year alone over 25,000 native animals were admitted to our RSPCA Hospitals. Currently we are caring for an average of 80-82 new animals each day.
  • We will be working with government to secure dedicated areas across Queensland that are protected for wildlife conservation.

Ambassadors for their species

These are some of the bushfire survivors currently in RSPCA care. You can support their journey by donating to our fund for the future.

Jasmine the Koala
Jasmine is an 8-year-old koala rescued from fires near Crows Nest on the 23rd of November, 2019. She was suffering from severe burns to all four paw pads and dehydration.  

Her paws are healing well and Jasmine is now with a wildlife carer for further rehabilitation.

Michaels the Koala
Michaels is a 5-year-old- koala who was rescued from fires near Toowoomba on the 27th November, 2019. He received third degree burns to all four of his paw pads and to his nose. He was extremely dehydrated with a poor body score due to lack of food. 

His paws have healed well in our Wildlife Hospital and is now with a wildlife carer for further rehabilitation.

Mia & Kevin
Mia and her son Kevin are two koalas that were rescued from a bushfire affected area near Lake Perserverance by wildlife carer Judi Gray, with the help of a cherry picker provided by Toowoomba Regional Council. Wildlife volunteers Martin and Hali also helped provide ground support. Judi captured these photos of their rescue and how they are going in care.

Both mum and son received a full vet check at our Wildlife Hospital. They were very lucky to have sustained no injuries. They are now in care with Judi until an appropriate release area can be identified.

It is a difficult time for everyone across Australia and the world; coming to terms with the sheer devastation that bushfires have had on our country and loss of life. Despite the terrible circumstances, we are doing everything we can to ensure our animals have a future and we would like to take a moment to thank everyone in the community who has supported both humans and animals during this bushfire crisis.

You can help to continue to support our animals here.

Emma Lagoon
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