Together for Wildlife: Our Action, Their Future

Animals Rescue Wildlife Animal Welfare Posted Nov 7, 2023
The impact our actions can have on wildlife can be devastating. Land clearing, road trauma and domestic pet attacks all have negative consequences on our native species... but with your help, we still have hope for a brighter future for wildlife.

Since the 1960s, Australia's urbanisation rate has consistently been above 80 percent, and in 2021 it reached its highest ever rate at 86 percent.

With Queensland's population continuing to increase, never has there been a greater need for RSPCA Queensland to grow its capacity to care for sick and injured wildlife than right now, however, our facilities are functioning well above their capacity and our staff and volunteer resources are stretched.

As we move further into wildlife habitats to develop housing estates and put in supporting infrastructure, our wildlife will continue to be impacted.

In the case of little Dixie the wallaby, her mother was hit by a car at Mount Alford and sadly died. Thankfully, a kind member of the public stopped to check her mother's pouch and Dixie was found! Weighing just 450 grams, she was taken to a Scenic Rim vet before being picked up by our Rescue Team.

Dixie was treated for minor abrasions and dehydration at our Brisbane RSPCA Wildlife Hospital. Sadly, losing his mother as a joey means she now requires a trained wildlife carer to hand-raise her until she is old enough to fend for herself in the wild.

Wildlife Vet Nurse Kaitlyn took to Dixie like a mum to a child and ensured she was fed and cared for around the clock. Being a trained wildlife carer, once Dixie was able to continue her journey outside of the hospital, Kaitlyn took her under her wing and continued Dixie's care at home.

Eventually, Dixie was able to be transferred to a specialised wildlife carer to be raised with other orphaned joeys. Now she can continue to learn much needed skills to get ready to return to the wild.

Dixie is just one of the 25,137 native animals we see every year... and why we need your support.

Our dedicated wildlife and rescue teams work around the clock to save vulnerable and endangered animals. Their crucial work to save our precious wildlife is only possible thanks to community support and generous donations.

Jacobbe McBride
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