Tragedy to Triumph: Turtle hatchlings miracle

Animals Rescue Wildlife Animal Welfare Posted Jan 25, 2024
An inspiring tail of heartache and joy played out at RSPCA QLD

Our wildlife vet staff’s time and dedication to the care of all creatures great and small has paid off again, following the birth of dozens of Brisbane River Turtle hatchlings before Christmas.

turtle hatchlings

After their mother sadly lost her life when she was hit by a car on October 17 last year, staff performed x-rays on her…. And it’s lucky they did!

Several eggs were extracted from the turtle before being placed into incubation, there were 9 eggs to every incubation box - so it was a full house for the holidays.

turtle eggs

Following their safe arrival in early December under the watchful eye of our trained professionals and a clean bill of health, the turtle hatchlings were able to be successfully released at Mount Coot-Tha.

Not our first incubation success

The arrival of the Brisbane River Turtle hatchlings via incubation was not the first time we have used the method to ensure the same arrival of a species.

In 2013, a pregnant bearded dragon was found severely injured on an Ipswich roadside following a suspected dog attack. Sadly, the lizard didn't survive, however, all 14 eggs collected successfully hatched thanks to our egg incubation method.

Australian wildlife needs your support

For success stories of successful incubations and releases to continue, we need the public's help to fund more advanced facilities with a higher capacity to take on more animals.

The RSPCA Wildlife Hospital at Wacol was constructed to cater for 5,000 wildlife patients, however, in its first year of operation in 2012 cared for 8,359 patients.

Over a decade later, the demand on our current Wildlife Hospital in Brisbane has increased by 400% with over 25,000 native animals per year being admitted for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

By donating to our RSPCA Wildlife Hospital, you can help our dedicated wildlife and rescue teams continue their work in saving vulnerable and endangered animals.

Remember, if you come across a sick or injured animal, contact our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline, 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

Jacobbe McBride
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