Wallaby Joey's Journey

Animals Rescue Wildlife Wildlife ER Posted Feb 28, 2023
Sick little Miguel is an 8-month-old Red-necked wallaby joey who was urgently brought into the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital in Brisbane for veterinary care.

Miguel's wildlife carer was worried about him as he had diarrhoea - a condition that can be lethal for marsupials.

You can watch RSPCA Vets treat Miguel the young wallaby on Wildlife ER.

RSPCA Vet Bec assessed him in the hopes that he had a minor allergy, but blood tests revealed a bacterial infection which meant weeks of recovery with antibiotics.

The young macropod made an impact on all of the RSPCA vets and vet nurses during his stay. Thankfully, his treatment was a success! Miguel was cleared to return to his relieved wildlife carer, Willow, and continue his rehabilitation with Scenic Rim Wildlife Rescue.

Once old enough, he was released into the wild with other Red-necked wallabies. Carer Willow, says Miguel occasionally comes back to visit the area."He has his own mob of girls that he shows off when he visits... lucky boy."

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Peter Wilson
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