Have your pet's portrait drawn by RSPCA Queensland volunteers on Friday 5th March! 

During COVID-19 last year, the fundraiser was an absolute hit with the RSPCA Queensland Facebook page going into meltdown with hundreds of members of the public donating to have their pet photos drawn by volunteers. The fun-draiser certainly has many laughs!  This year the RSPCA is hoping to raise over $20,000 for animals currently in their care.

Here's how you can join RSPCA's Poorly Drawn Pets Fundraiser:

  1. Make your donation here based on the number of pets you would like drawn ($25 per pet drawn) 
  2. Head to the Facebook post. Add a photo of your pet in the comments
  3. We'll take it from there and you'll have your Poorly Drawn Pet Portrait in a reply comment by Monday, March 8th