Help raise vital funds for animals in need by hosting a Cupcake Day! Cupcake Day has a fresh new date this year, Monday 26 October 2020, but you can don your aprons any day in October that suits you! Whether you decide to party in-person or to host a virtual gathering, your participation and fundraising will go a long way towards helping animals in the care of RSPCA. For more information or to register now, please visit

Meet one of the animals you will be helping


Loki was just a puppy when he was rescued by RSPCA Inspectors from a house full of neglected dogs.

Every day our RSPCA Inspectors d­­­o a tough job to save lives. They do what most of us cannot, which is why your support is vital to ensure we can end animal cruelty and help animals have better lives.

A dog that was sighted in poor condition was reported by a member of the public to the RSPCA. That same day, one of our Inspectors headed out to investigate.

They found many animals living in putrid conditions, and suffering from a range of medical issues. These dogs needed urgent help!

It was an arduous case for our Inspectors with over 30 animals living on site. Along with adult dogs, our Inspectors found 20 puppies living inside the dwelling. They appeared hungry with one puppy even trying to eat something from a pile of rubbish. The puppies approached an Inspector and tried to suck their boots and laces. No food or clean, dry bedding had been provided for the puppies.

There were so many welfare concerns for all of the dogs and puppies living at the property. Needless to say, all of the animals were seized by our Inspectors that day.

Once safely in the care of the RSPCA, veterinary exams began for all of the dogs. Little Loki was given a body condition score of three - on a scale where one is emaciated and nine is obese. He ate ravenously when provided food. Like many of the other pups, Loki had a low body temperature and was anaemic, and had a hookworm and roundworm burden. Our vets confirmed that his condition had been caused due to neglect. It was horrific to see just how badly these dogs had been suffering.

Loki was one of 34 dogs that went on to find loving families after being rescued from this backyard breeder. After making a full recovery from his ordeal, Loki is now finally living the life he always deserved!

Drew and Emily had been looking for a staffy to adopt when they spotted Loki at the RSPCA. Drew said, “He came running straight up to us. He just looked up to us with those beautiful big eyes. We thought he was just perfect. He was the one.’’

Funds raised this Cupcake Day will help us to give animals like Loki shelter, love, and treatment, and ensure they never have to suffer again.

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