1. All adult cats and dogs at Wacol will be 20% off

2. There are 30 cats and kittens to choose from at Wacol

3. There are 40 dogs and puppies to choose from at Wacol

4. Prizes, further discounts and giveaways available for new adopters at Wacol

5. Find a great friend for your existing pet

6. It’s a nice time of year to visit and spend some time at the Brisbane Animal Care Centre

7. All animals have gone through both health and behaviour checks

8. There is a wide variety of animals to choose from including breeds, ages, size, types, personalities

9. You will have extra time to spend bonding with your new addition before the weekend ends

10. We have animals to suit most households and properties

11. Our staff are friendly and are here to help to make things easy for you

12. You get access to our customer service team after you adopt

13. You can do a meet and greet with your existing dogs

14. Adopt before the busy festive season so you can enjoy the lead up to Christmas together

15. Get started on house training before Christmas so you can impress your guests

16. If you adopt a dog or puppy, they can spread the Christmas cheer by donning the latest range of Christmas costumes to hit the World for Pets shelves

17. You will receive unconditional love from your adopted pet

18. You will feel very proud of yourself for saving a life, and in return you will feel that they’ve saved yours

19. If you adopt today, you will provide a space to help another animal in need

20. Your friends and family will really appreciate what you’ve done to help rescue pets