RSPCA Queensland is currently caring for over 30 horses with eight up for adoption right now.

Tune into the RSPCA Qld Facebook page live from Wed 28th July at 9am to watch some of these magnificent creatures vying for a new home.

Last week, the oldest RSPCA horse found his forever home after two years in care. Prince is three months away from his 35th Birthday! This ex-racing thoroughbred has now been adopted. Prince isn’t the only horse from a racing background at the RSPCA, several others are currently in care.

RSPCA Spokesperson Michael Beatty says, “It’s great to see these horses completely transformed after being in care.

“We have eight horses up for adoption right now, but many of our horses in foster care across the state have been with us for several months or even years. Some are part of Inspectorate cases.

“Ongoing care costs put significant financial strain on our charity to get these horses happy and healthy while court cases are in progress. But we’re pleased to help them get the care they need.”

Adoption fees for current horses available at the RSPCA range from $500.

The majority of RSPCA horses are available to adopt from Brisbane and surrounding areas, with one up for adoption in Rockhampton. If you’re keen to welcome a paddock companion to your property, view the horses waiting for homes here and apply to adopt. Every horse is unique and requires owners with differing levels of horse ownership experience.

Michael Beatty says, “We’re calling on all horse lovers with some acreage to consider adopting one of our lovely paddock companions.”

Every horse up for adoption has had dental care, farrier treatments and vaccinations, and are ready to be transported.