To say that we were disappointed with the report on Current Affair is an understatement. None of the facts that were supplied to the reporter were even mentioned. The correct story is as follows.

Annie the Parrot came into our care via the Department of Environment and Science (DES) rehoming program after it was surrendered by the owner to DES. The owner had requested that the bird was rehomed to Maleny Bird Sanctuary, however DES have not approved the rehoming of the bird to the Maleny Bird Sanctuary and so we have had to look at alternative options.

Unfortunately the request that the bird be rehomed with the Sanctuary, which has generated some community and media interest, cannot be met.

As a result we were unable to follow through with the original owners request as the rehoming to the Sanctuary has not been approved by DES and given the bird came in via the DES rehoming program we must abide by this. However we have ensured that the bird has been rehomed to an environment that is approved by DES and suitable to ensure the bird is cared for appropriately.

RSPCA Qld will always act in the best interests of the animal, and take into account all the information (both quality of care, environment and legal rights) around the potential options for an animal before making a decision.  Sometimes these decisions may not sit well with some people which may cause some undue media attention. However our purpose is to do what is best for the animal and we will always place the animals first.