Over fifty people and their dogs gathered in Caboolture on the weekend  to  celebrate the rescue of 110 Bull Terriers by the  RSPCA last year. The dogs were living in appalling conditions on a property near Gladstone and the owner of the property was prosecuted.

The walk was organised by 110 and Friends group and many of the Bull Terriers attending were those rescued in the raid. It was a chance for the RSPCA Inspectors to get “up close and personal” to the “happy endings”.

“It was a great day, very humbling to have people thank my guys for the work they do, but it was even better getting the opportunity to thank those who have taken these beautiful “GB’s” on and made them part of their family,” said RSPCA Chief Inspector Daniel Young.

“The members of the group have basically become part of an extended family and it was a huge success and terrific to have the RSPCA Inspectors who were involved in the raid attend and see how the dogs’ lives have changed for the better,” said organiser Leanne De Lamour.

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