We are very excited to announce that from this Friday 21st February until Sunday 23rd February, 2020 we are Clearing our Shelters across the state! All RSPCA animals available to adopt in Queensland will be just $29* to adopt.

What do I do next?

Please be patient once you are at one of our locations, all our RSPCA staff and volunteers will be very busy trying to help everyone, so there may be delays.

Clear the Shelters is happening right across RSPCA Adoption Centres in Australia (ex. TAS).

“We always encourage people to adopt,” said RSPCA Qld spokesman Michael Beatty. “Not only are you getting an animal that has been de-sexed and microchipped, you’re also giving that animal a second chance and at the end of the breeding season there are a lot of animals needing that second chance.”

Though adoption fees will be drastically reduced, normal adoption procedures will apply to ensure each animal is matched with the right family. This includes de-sexing, microchipping, vaccinations, veterinary checks, behavioural assessments and one-on-ones with prospective adoptive parents.

“Even though the $29 adoption fee does not come close to covering the cost of treating and caring for the animals, you can’t put a price on finding forever homes for animals in need.”

“Thankfully research has proven that the lower adoption price has not impacted on the number of returns and this is not only because our normal procedures still apply, it’s also because people are really thinking through the impact caring for an animal will have on the family.”

Terms and Conditions; There may be some pets that have already lower adoption fees. No pets can be placed on hold, it is first come, best home for the pet adoption process. Read our FAQs for more detailed information.